Your Beautiful day 

Marriage is two imperfect people

never willing to give up on each other!


I'm a retired firefighter and spent 32 years on the job.  I loved what I did and now I found another passion that inspires and brings me joy.  As your officiant I would truly enjoy being part of your special day.  I will assist you and  help in any way on your wedding day. I believe love has no boundaries and I will unite any two people in love. 

           A Brides Tears of love


A wedding should be full of Love, laughter and fun!

Family & Friends make a wedding day special. As your Officiant I will do my best for you to make sure your day is a magical one.  


I would be honored to join two people in matrimony 

I'm an officiant in San Diego County and I have spent my life listening to others and helping them reach their dreams

Please Contact me:

(619) 244-2191


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